News, some more exciting than the rest

by Mary W. Walters

Today I received the first copies of my newest book!

Today my humour article, “Managing Writers in The Workplace,” was published by The Rumpus!

The Google Settlement is under scrutiny and may be totally overhauled!

(For other news, please go elsewhere. This is all I know.)

— A Bit Giddy in Saskatoon

2 responses

  1. Hello Mary,
    I very much enjoyed your tilt at the literary agents for its forthright attack. I agree entirely that the present situation militates against excellent literary fiction, and I doubt whether such distinctive but quirky talents as Ronald Firbank, Angela Carter and Christina Stead would find it easy (or even possible) to get published nowadays. I suspect, though, that the root of the problem is deeper: anglo-saxon culture generally shows an extremely marked tendency to split into a mass, pulp culture and an elite culture for the few ‘elect’ that is supported by the money of whoever consumes it. I find it extremely striking that minority cultures, such as the Hungarian or the Greek, can publish extremely ambitious works of literary fiction – examples are: Laszlo Krasznhorkai’s ‘War and War’ and Yiannis Kiourtsakis’s ‘Like a Novel’. In my opinion, resistance to this anglo-saxon tendency needs to be a mass movement of culture and this is something I myself recommend in my own Surranachronist writings, which aim at overcoming the narrowing of culture in present-day reaction and anachronism, in a resurgent world of slavery, Nazi mayors (in Rome) and a billion people without access to running water worldwide! Best, Andrew

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