My blog posts are being plagiarized —

Check out this site I found today with my material from a recent post on The Militant Writer, only marginally changed, reproduced without credit:

Compare it to my original post.

Hundreds of other articles by other people have been stolen — just click on the right margin.

They even have a warning privacy policy that they know who is reading “their” stuff.

I’m looking into this but if you know anything about what is happening here, please let me know.

More to come….

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    • I’m waiting to hear back from Access Copyright, of which I am a member. If they can’t help, or offer a suggestion on how to proceed, I’ll figure out what to do next. I gather that it’s a company that gets money somehow from people who click on their site, so they try to attract hits by stealing other people’s work. There are a lot of other articles and posts that have been similarly mangled and then posted on this (and another similar) site. It’s not just me. I just can’t find anyone else out there who has noticed or is doing something about it.

  1. This is blatant theft of your material. The minor changes mean nothing, it is clearly your work. That privacy policy is a template, all web sites keep track of visitors and leave cookies, even this one and your own blog. What is worrying is there is no ‘Contact Us’ info. The site is merely a place for search engines to find and rank highly so that you will visit it because it is full of content. Then you will hopefully click on the Adsense ads there and they get paid per click. WHich is a good thing because now you have leverage. You must complain to Google Adsense that their account holder (whoever it is) is using stolen copy to attract clicks. You want your material removed (or properly cited) and you believe there are other stolen articles published there. Google must put pressure on the Adsense account holder or you will be seeking legal redress against everyone involved. If any of the ads on your page have been clicked on and Google and the web site owner made any money, then you want compensation and so on.
    If you could find out who owns the site, hit their PayPal account too. PayPal are quick to freeze accounts where there is a dispute and no doubt this creep has one to get their money from Adsense.

    See all those ‘Categories’? They are the keywords that search engines look for. The web crawlers will have found these pages, noted the depth of content and ranked the page (SERP) highly etc. Basically this creep is making money at the expense of the content writers and not reimbursing them as he/she should.

    Mary, if I can be of any help, etc.

    • This is fantastic information! Really really useful. Thanks so much, Perry. I’ll get on it tomorrow and report back.

  2. Yes, thanks Perry! This is very interesting and important. I’ll be following this. Yikes, how creepy. Though it does also remind me of the adage, “Imitation is the highest form of flattery”. Not that you want this kind of thing going on, but it does say something about what you’re doing here on your site.

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