Dealing with Rejection

Today I am applying some words of wisdom that were written for the legal profession to my writing, and to my efforts to market my books. They are a good reminder that book writing and book selling are two different things:

[Despite all your well developed and respected skills in your area of expertise…] in the business-development area, you are about to go out and be rejected. You are about to go out and be wrong. You are about to go out and make mistake after mistake. Unless you see unhappy moments of rejection as opportunities to learn, and to improve in such a way that you achieve a level of skill that will allow you to be effective and get fewer and fewer rejections, you will not be successful at business development.

– Gerald A. Riskin, The Successful Lawyer: Powerful Strategies for Transforming Your Practice

An Update on WattPad

More than 200 people have “read” the first segment of my new novel, Seeds and Secrets, and a number have also visited  my short humorous essay, “Managing Writers in the Workplace: A Guide for Employers.” I find this attention is beginning to alter the structure of my days, so that I am putting my own work at the forefront both mentally and in practice. To be read, or even just to believe that you are being read, is a powerful motivator.

6 responses

  1. Mary–
    Another useful post, thank you. I am keeping track of your WattPad experience. It’s beginning to sound better and better.

    • Getting the daily uptick on the “reads” is a positive experience for sure. There’s a lot of junk and a lot of readers won’t likely be interested in my stuff — I understand that many of them are teenagers. But it’s better than wandering around in the dark.

  2. So true, Mary! And I am glad your Wattpad experience has been so positive–many of my friends have also gained readers there. Only time will translate that recognition into sales, but being read by people from all walks of life, in a global environment and have your work acknowledged is a good feeling.

  3. Hi Mary,
    I always read your blog, and love your posts. I should tell you more often: you are a source of constant inspiration! Now I feel compelled to check out Wattpad. A deviation from my usual MO of embracing technology only when dragged there, kicking and screaming . . . .

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