John and I were humbled and delighted to see this review of our book, The Adventures of Don Valiente and the Apache Canyon Kid. The review was written by Merna Summers  – a writer I have admired for decades – and published in the June, 2015 issue of Alberta Views.


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  1. Mary, loved this story of yours. You so deserve the great review. Congrats. Are you still following mine at all? Hope so: Don’t know if you knew I started a HUB site for all of my writing. You might enjoy the reno story of our River House. It’s there in pieces. Please comment if you read anything. Thanks.

  2. Well deserved, Mary. Roz is a a great character, young, full of life and hopes despite her troubles, and Don Valiente is exactly what he should be: heroic and somehow perfect despite his flaws. Or, perhaps because of them.

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