In confidence

“You will be glad to know that there comes a time when you no longer care as much as you once did about what other people think of what you write. Now you write primarily to please yourself. After many years of practice and of being your own worst critic, you see that when you are ready to let a piece of writing go, it is because it really does have merit. Nothing has changed except your perspective, and your knowledge that you’ve earned the right to feel the way you do.”

8 responses

  1. OK. I believe you. But I still care if the world (or a tiny part of it) actually likes or admires or wants to read what I write. Is the object to not care? I guess as long as I write it doesn’t matter.

  2. Hey Mary. Is this your own quotation? I think it’s true. It’s also true, though, don’t you think , that when a reader has a response to something we have written some magic, third thing happens? Lots of us are compelled to keep writing without any reward from the world and I agree that pleasing ourselves is goal enough, but it’s hard not to want that magic thing too. I hope all’s well with you.

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