Submitting Stories to LitMags, Part II: Getting them back

Just over six months ago, I wrote a brief post about how I’d shaken some of the Covidious dust from my writer self and sent five short stories out to magazines. They had been sitting here in my computer doing nothing to benefit me, after I had gone through all the agonies and joys of bringing them to life.

I said I would report back.

Here’s the report:

  • One story came back in November, a rejection with some positive feedback and some useful comments that I will use in the revision.
  • Another story also came back in November, a rejection along with an invitation to submit to the journal (Crazyhorse) again. I sent the story out to another journal in January and it was turned down in May.
  • One came back in March with a nice note basically saying that they’d love to tell me why they rejected the piece, but they “receive so many submissions…” blah blah blah.
  • One was accepted in March. “A Change in the Climate” is forthcoming from Prairie Fire. Not sure when, but this delights me as I respect Prairie Fire a lot. The last story of mine that they published ended up in a Journey Prize Anthology.
  • One story is still being considered. Sigh.

I am currently working on a new novel, The Green House, and I have decided to release it in instalments here on The Militant Writer. Watch for the first chapter soon.

In the meantime, you might be interested in my forthcoming adventure with psilocybin, which you can read about here.

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  1. Love the new picture – and I read a lot of your psychedelic posts – wow. Hope that helps, and that you get the good part without too much scary part. Being depressed is not good – good luck with the short stories.

    On the bottom of the page came a link to a 2013 post –
    Book Promotion Tip of the Week #15: Win Nobel Prize for Literature.
    I am actively seeking that. Thanks. :)

  2. Your psilocybin experiment sounds intriguing, Mary. Sometimes, though, I believe our lives really are just massive psilocybin experiments – wandering through the caverns of good and bad while trying to find our true purpose. But I know we writers and other artists serve as the conduits of the world’s emotions. Best wishes on your literary ventures!

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