Need Help From Current or Prospective Grant Applicants

Update 11 p.m. Tues., Sept. 27 —┬áThank you for the responses so far! I am still looking for one artist (any discipline except writing — visual arts, performing arts, multimedia etc — preferred, as two writers have already volunteered) and three people involved with writing grant proposals for community groups or non-profit organizations (small to large groups/organizations welcome.)


I am developing THREE series of audiocasts (6 in each series) based on my book, Write an Effective Funding Application: A Guide for Researchers and Scholars"" (The Johns Hopkins University Press).

The courses are being developed for three different audiences of prospective grant applicants: Researchers and Scholars, Creative Artists, and Non-Profit Organizations/Community Groups.

I have developed preview audiocasts for each of these courses and they are now available as MP3s. I am looking for people who are planning to write applications for funding in one of those three categories, and would like to listen to these preview audiocasts and tell me what you think.

If you are interested in helping, please contact me at marywwalters at marywwalters dot com (note the double W) or by responding through this website.

If you don’t like the audiocast (which is about 25 minutes long and comes as two MP3s), I win because I get to incorporate your suggestions for changes in the recordings before I “go public.” If you do like it, you win, because I will be happy to provide you with the six audiocasts that form the modules of the course at no charge as they become available — as long as you keep providing feedback on what you hear before I post them. :)

I want three “beta listeners” for each audiocast. I have two already for the researchers and scholars preview recording. I am therefore looking for

1 researcher/scholar (PhD student/candidate, PDF, assistant or associate prof etc. Any discipline)

3 creative artists (including writers, visual artists, filmmakers: anyone who would like to learn how to write an effective grant application to support their creative projects — from a foundation or other funding agency, for example)

3 people who would like to learn more about writing effective funding applications on behalf of community groups or non-profit organizations — from water polo teams to national galleries: block (operational) funding or project grants.

The series is relevant to those who are working in any geographical location where grants are available.